PS3 jailbreak 4.41 Download


Download now working PS3 Jailbreak 4.41. This is new and latest version of PSN update. Now you can jailbreak your ps3 without any problems. Just follow steps and jailbreak your ps3 now!

Notice : Follow the steps and read all carefully to jailbreak your ps3 4.41.

How to Jailbreak PS3 4.41

  1. Plug USB to PC
  2. Create a directory inside USB and name it “PS3 Update”
  3. Download and copy the PS3 4.41 Jailbreak.PUP file that you will get from the above links and Paste it into the USB folder.
  4. Now Connect Your USB to PS3.
  5. Go to the Settings and select System Update.
  6. Select Update Via storage media.
  7. You will see a message with new available update.
  8. Now Select OK.
  9. Click Agree on terms and Condition and Install update.
  10. Wait a min, your PS3 will update, and automaticly restart console.
  11. Now unplug USB and enjoy new 4.41 Jailbroken CFW 🙂




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19 Responses to PS3 jailbreak 4.41 Download

  1. Avatar Your-virginity
    Your-virginity says:

    thanks for working jailbreak, downloaded tomb rider works well

  2. all is ok, thanksssss

  3. damnn thx so much jailbreak works very nice(no lags) and i downloaded fifa 13 from torrents and put game to the hard disc and works thank you again !!

  4. Jailbreak works, downloading assassins creed III from torrents now 🙂

  5. Avatar Skryrim
    Skryrim says:

    had problems with this surveys but got it..

  6. Avatar HitmanA
    HitmanA says:

    have you jailbreak for xbox?

  7. Avatar WHjail
    WHjail says:

    work on my ps3 4.41

  8. damnn dafuq, i created new ps3 account, installed that jailbreak and i have access to internet, lol? 😀 so i can download games and play online?

  9. Avatar made my day
    made my day says:


  10. Avatar Alana19
    Alana19 says:

    Wow, wonderful blog page layout! The best and all files works fucking anonymous hackers xD

  11. Avatar Chocotastic
    Chocotastic says:

    does this reale work without any chip modding?

  12. Avatar David
    David says:

    best jaiilbreak ever love that hackers xD

  13. Avatar reiner
    reiner says:

    how can i download this File??

  14. Avatar titch211
    titch211 says:

    Wow, awesome jb. I can play online with downloaded from torrents games, lol ;d

  15. Avatar Gloria
    Gloria says:


  16. Avatar bastard
    bastard says:


  17. Avatar telecharger
    telecharger says:

    im downloaded this jailbreak but 4.60 works better 😛

  18. Avatar 96 Heures Télécharger
    96 Heures Télécharger says:

    Great article.

  19. This is a really good