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    The Change Between 1.3 – 1.3.1
    The release has been updated to 1.3.1 instead of just 1.3, because the obfuscation was wrong and made life (more) difficult for modders. We also fixed a couple of other minor issues

    Full list of changes

    Added a demo mode for non-premium users (won’t be available until the full update).
    In the language files, new text was added for the demo mode. The demo mode will last for 6 in-game days (about 1 hour and 40 minutes) according to the language files. It also teaches the player how to use the controls and how to begin playing.
    Added bonus chest option to create world screen.
    When enabled, starts the user off with a chest nearby containing tools, items, and blocks helpful to starting a survival game. Bonus chests may contain:
    Wooden Planks
    Stone and/or Wooden Pickaxe
    Stone and/or Wooden Axe
    Red Apples
    Added option to enable single-player commands to create world screen.
    Added several cheats: /gamemode, /toggledownfall, /time, /give, /xp, /kill.
    Typing / then pressing Tab ↹ will show a list of available commands.
    These commands are enabled in previously generated creative mode-worlds.
    While using commands, the world around the player is frozen, unlike in multiplayer.
    Updated language files.
    Items can now be deleted from the hotbar by shift-clicking while on the Creative mode item selection screen.
    Bug fixing and tweaks.
    Editable Books – Book and Quill, crafted using a Book, Feather, and Ink Sac.
    When a Book and Quill is made, it can be right-clicked to open a screen that allows you to type the book.
    Pressing “Done” will save whatever was typed and allow you to edit the book again later, yet will not “sign” it.
    When “signing” a book, it will allow you to choose a title up to 16 characters long and disable editing of the book. The Book and Quill then becomes a Written Book, with the icon changing along with the label.
    Wooden slabs for each of the four shades of wood added
    These new slabs no longer act like stone
    An axe should be used to break them
    They are no longer immune to fire and lava
    New block IDs 125 for double wooden slabs and 126 for single wooden slabs.
    Wooden slabs created in older versions of Minecraft are still stone-like and fireproof and will not change to the new slabs when placed or mined.
    Leather is now required to craft Books.
    Silk touch can now retrieve Ice blocks and Glass Panes.
    Ice no longer turns into water in the Nether.
    In the menu, Chat Options were added.
    Added chat opacity, letting the chat be semi-transparent.
    Added chat disabling, removing the chat for SMP servers.
    Added chat colors option.
    Added “Only Commands” mode to chat.
    /help added.
    Tools now have infinite durability in Creative mode.
    Minecart and boats are destroyed in one hit in Creative mode.
    Various Bugfixes, some regarding entity collision, the pick block function, and chat.
    Livestock, such as chickens, can now be “walked through” instead of pushing the player around in crowded pens
    Flying through water in Creative mode is no longer slow
    You can no longer have a Bonus Chest in Hardcore mode.
    Server Commands now appear in italics in SMP.
    Saplings now have their proper names.

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