Terraria 1.1.3 Download 2013 Full

Hey terraria fans! patch 1.1.3 is now live! This is the last and best update of Terraria 1.1.3. Download links below




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23 Responses to Terraria 1.1.3 Download 2013 Full

  1. Avatar terrariagamer
    terrariagamer says:

    again next update? thanks because i have cracked version without auto-update. This game rock’s!

  2. Avatar terrariagamer
    terrariagamer says:

    thanks it works 😀

  3. thx for download man, terraria rules!!!

  4. Avatar comment
    comment says:


  5. Avatar media
    media says:

    thx for free download, really help me

  6. Avatar template
    template says:


  7. Hey very cool site!! Man .. Beautiful .. thx for download

  8. Avatar kokomoko
    kokomoko says:

    i dont know how to download :S

  9. Avatar acquelin
    acquelin says:

    Pretty great post

  10. Avatar HarlemShake
    HarlemShake says:

    Thank you, I’ve just been looking for it

  11. Avatar OptimusPrime
    OptimusPrime says:

    thx dudeee i <3 this game

  12. Avatar irrersnoilm
    irrersnoilm says:

    verion for mac works, thanks

  13. Avatar terraria
    terraria says:

    wow that new patch is fucking amazing dude, finally STAIRS ADDED!!!!!

  14. Avatar mbsxvscett
    mbsxvscett says:

    great game, thanks for download link this is the best version

  15. Avatar im sprite
    im sprite says:

    This website is great. I like it.

  16. Avatar Dhabi
    Dhabi says:

    thx for download link

  17. Avatar Heyman1231
    Heyman1231 says:

    i had problems with survey but i got it thank you very much

  18. Avatar Maestro
    Maestro says:

    helpful advice for gaming lovers like me.

  19. Avatar fantasica
    fantasica says:

    thank you terraria is awesome

  20. Avatar supermanxd
    supermanxd says:

    yes yes yes got finally terraria for free ;p

  21. Avatar supermanxd
    supermanxd says:

    i generated my own steam code and it says “terraria 1.1.3”, how the fuck your hack steam or wut? anyway all is fine and my friend download too and play together ;d best game !!!!!!!1

  22. Avatar TikiTaka19
    TikiTaka19 says:


  23. Avatar Sherbacky
    Sherbacky says: